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Imagine going days on end without ever getting a letter, card or having any contact with your loved ones? Imagine being incarcerated and watching the anticipation and excitement as your cellmate receives mail and you do not? We, at PENPALfriends.ORG understand the importance of maintaining contact with others and the value of friendship and companionship.  Our mission is to assist the incarcerated and their families with a means of making communication easier as well as affordable. We offer Email and Facebook Services in addition to our Pen Pal Profiles. You can also purchase our services as a gift for your loved one!

Please take a moment to view our Pen Pals.  There are thousands of inmates in prison waiting to hear from you and wouldn't it be nice to make someone's day?

Call our office to find out about our monthly specials. One of our friendly representatives will be happy to assist you!



I would like to remove my profile out of respect to the love of my life whom I met on your site.

 Thank you!

~Pete K.

 I would like 2 thank you for your help. At this time, I would like 2 be removed from your web site. I think I found what I am looking for.


~John G